Las Almas Collective  is a group of Latina musicians, artists, and filmmakers, empowering women through culture, art and music. In this new release - a music video titled ¡Ni Una Mas! (Not one More!) - we voice our collective intention:  We will never stop searching for the victims of the ongoing femicide in Ciudad Juarez and we stand strong with our sisters, aunts, cousins, mothers, grandmothers, daughters and friends who are suffering in Juarez.


The up and coming filmmaker, Jennifer Lucero and songwriter Chaman, along with other artists in the collective produced, edited and directed the video as a passion project after hearing that the number of women being “disappeared” and killed continues to rise.  That number is said to be 75 for 2017 alone, according to women’s organizations in Ciudad Juarez.


“We made this video with a furious passion to once again bring light to the on-going femicide in Juarez” said song writer Chaman.   “It is not about us, or our collective as much as it is about those mothers and families still fighting for justice for their daughters”.  Las Almas Collective decided to dedicate the video and all it’s proceeds to a women’s organization based in Ciudad Juarez called Ni En More,, an organization working directly with the families of the disappeared women to empower them both economically and politically. 

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